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Events of 2018

Gold Rush Days - September 15
In spite of Hurricane Florence threatening to rain on our parade, Democrats marched up Main Street in the Gold Rush parade encouraging bystanders to VOTE this November. Saturday, September 15, was sunny to start with but early afternoon rain shortened the community celebration.

Behind the MACK (McCormick Arts Council on the Keturah) live entertainment, food vendors, and booths attracted the crowds. The Democratic booth manned by the Democratic women offered information about the upcoming election, opportunities to register to vote and copies of the Constitution.

The Annual Fish Fry - September 8

Democrats came out in full force for their annual fish fry, September 8, 2018. The event was held at the McCormick Senior Center.  Approximately two hundred meals were sold and guests ranged from the very young to the more mature.

Chairman Alonzo Harrison

Arthur Banks chaired the event and orchestrated the support of the entire membership to publicize the event, invite the speakers, direct the efforts to decorate the facility, welcome newcomers, serve great food and build new relationships in the community. Linda Banks managed the kitchen flawlessly.

The event featured speakers gave us an ear-full of motivation.

Candidate Mary Geren

State Senator Floyd Nicholson

1st Vice Chair SCDP
Lessie Price

Representative Anne Parks

Candidate Devon Smith

Future Speakers?

Keynote speaker was Lisa McNair, sister of one of the four little girls killed in the bombing of their church one Sunday morning in Birmingham, Al. Lisa was born the year following her sister’s death. 
She remembers that her father channeled his grief into public service becoming a legislator in Birmingham. Lisa encouraged the audience to vote. Her mother’s Alzheimer’s clouds the memory, but she was encouraged by then President Barack Obama’s awarding the Congressional Gold Medal.

Lisa McNair

A good time was had by all!

Pot Luck Picnic May 1

from Joan Stockton, Secretary

Democrats enjoy the second annual pot luck picnic at Plum Branch Yacht Club. Nearly 100 Democrats turned out on a beautiful spring evening to enjoy a great sunset, good conversation and information about the upcoming primary election June 12.
Mary Geren, candidate for US Representative District 3, emphasized her beliefs in public education and a living wage. As the youngest of 6 children, Mary used education as a way to move up out of poverty. She says she began working at age 15 and she is a fighter who will fight for the people.
In the question and answer session, Micki Shafer brought up the comments made at the State Convention: If you want to know the state of the union, look at the state of the streets.
Local officials present included: Charles Jennings, chairman of county council; Mary Shirley, county and party treasurer; Virginia Edmunds, county auditor; Faye Puckett, county coroner; Byron Thompson, county councilman; and Christine Lee, school board member.
Many new folks joined the old faithful folks. Everyone had the chance to volunteer for poll watching for the upcoming elections.
Party Chair Alonzo Harrison thanked Plum Branch Yacht Club owner George Selfridge for the use of the picnic pavilion and emphasized the importance of voting in the primary and mid-term elections this year.

SC Democratic Convention April 20-21

from Micki Shafer, Executive Committee

The South Carolina Democratic Convention was held in Columbia on April 20-21, 2018. It was a rousing weekend that began with the Chairs Reception on Friday night. This proved to be the most exciting part of the weekend as it was a small group with most of the local democrats running for office alongside some national powerhouses like Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles and Alison

 Lundergan Grimes, the current Secretary of State from Kentucky. She provided a provocative speech imploring all of us to get involved in promoting our democratic values. The Honorable John Delaney from Maryland and declared candidate for President in 2020 spoke as did US Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio. Both articulated who we are as a party and discussed how the democratic platform was different from the republican platform and how we are the ones who serve the people. All three candidates for governor had a hospitality room during this time with music, banners, food and beverages.

The reception led us into the Palmetto Dinner where awards were given, and John Delaney, Alison Grimes and Tim Ryan spoke again. They were joined by SC Congressman Jim Clyburn and each of the leaders from the Democratic party of our state. I had the pleasure of having dinner with gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble, whose family is from nearby Willington, SC. I spent most of the evening shaking hands and meeting people from all across our state. The entire night was energizing.

Last but not least on Friday night was the famous Clyburn Fish Fry. As I made my way through hundreds of people to get my piece of fish, we were treated to music and of course comments from Congressman Clyburn. It was a boisterous and fun night.

Saturday began early with a breakfast sponsored by the SC Democratic Womens Council and the SCDP Black Women’s Caucus. I ate with women from the upstate and listened to the most dynamic speaker I have heard in a long time, State Senator Nina Turner from Ohio. Her message that the State of the Union can only be understood if one understands the State of the Street. Her inspiring message had all of us on our feet.

The rest of Saturday was consumed with the business of the party interspersed with messages from the speakers already mentioned. We were all encouraged by our talented three candidates for governor, Phil Noble, James Smith and Marguerite Willis. Each spoke eloquently and any of the three will represent us well this fall. We were treated to State Senator Nina Turner again and this time she had the entire auditorium on their feet. Finally, we heard many candidates running for congressional seats from several districts. Our keynote speaker was Senator Jeff Merkley from Oregon who spoke of the strategies to flip a state from red to blue. All in all, we are placing a talented group of candidates on the ballot this fall.

I found the entire weekend inspiring and enlightening and would encourage anyone to attend the next convention.

March 3, 2018, McCormick County Democratic Convention

The McCormick County Democratic party held its bi-annual convention March 3, 2018, at the Mims High School Reunion Foundation building on Kelly Road.

More than 60 people attended the convention to meet the candidates for upcoming elections and to share fellowship with kindred spirits. Many old, reliable party members attended, but many new faces were welcomed.

Nine candidates spoke or were represented at the convention: two candidates for governor, and a representative for the third; The candidate for South Carolina Secretary of State; the two candidates for US House of Representatives, District 3; the incumbent for South Carolina House of Representatives, 13th district; our candidate for McCormick County auditor; and one candidate for McCormick County School Board. (See Candidates) New officers for the local Democratic party were elected for two-year terms. (See Officers)

Below are some images from the convention.

Jerry Goldman taking care of business

Marguerite Willis, gubernatorial  candidate.

Mary Geren,
candidate for US Representative, SC 03.

Rep. Mandy Norrell speaks for
gubernatorial  candidate James Smith.

Chairman Alonzo Harrison presiding over...

a room full of Democrats!!!

That's about the tall and short of it.

Phil Noble campaigning on home turf.

Melvin Wittenberg campaigns for SC Secretary of State

Hosea Cleveland, candidate for US Representative, SC 03.

State Party Chair Trav Robertson.

Anne Parks, our steadfast voice.

Jerry Goldman thanks Barbara Sibert and the Mimms Foundation.

State Senator Nicholsen predicts "a change is gonna come."